Fw: [Samba] [GEN]A Suggestion

John Benedetto jbenedet at unm.edu
Mon Jul 22 07:30:08 GMT 2002

--On Monday, July 22, 2002 12:38 PM +0200 Trevor Fraser 
<trevor at systematic.co.za> wrote:

> Maybe the mailing list team could have set subjects or words that would
> denote specific field of samba, lets say one for windows XP, and any
> questions about this would have [XP] in the front of the subject, or say
> [GEN] for the more general problems and so on.  This way I could use my
> mail rules to get quick access to the questions I can answer when time
> doesn't allow browsing.
> What do you guys and girls think?

Did you forward this to the list again, or is the listbot repeating 
messages again? I can?t remember if I replied to this last time or not; my 
apologies if I did (I?m getting forgetful in my young age).

An "interesting? idea, Trevor, but with absolutely no way to enforce it. 
(Unless you would care to moderate the list, and add such fields to each 
and every message, prior to sending it to the rest of us... I?d sure 
appreciate it).

I for one will be happy when people consistently send messages that have 
descriptive subject lines, let alone having people follow some impossible 

- john

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