[Samba] Re: [Samba] CRITICAL can't copy files to samba volumes

Dave J. Andruczyk dandruczyk at enterpriserp.com
Fri Jul 19 09:39:03 GMT 2002

> First, you are different, since I can copy a file from a local folder
> to my samba server without trouble.
> I would start with one server and one windows client first, preferably
> win98 and fix one problem first.
> Win98 is the better place to start, since 2k is full of bugs. Do you
> have all the service packs updated for 2k?


> So, have you walked through DIAGNOSIS.txt in docs/textdocs ?
> Then, if you passed all the tests for one pair of machines, then look
> at your samba configuration and your permission on your unix machine
> for the involved share. Are all the permissions properly set on all the
> directories in the path on the unix system?

the perms are correct.

> Then post the smb.conf global section and the section for the share
> that is not working.
> Do you have trouble saving files between two samba server machines? Can
> you save files from windows to windows?
Mounting the samba share I get access-denied errors for any
create/modification operation, smbstatus shows me logging in with an account
on the "admin users" list for that share.
Connecing to the SAME share via smbclient and THE SAME ACCOUNT give me full
read write access.

Windows machines have no trouble sharing files with each-other. Windows 98
and 2k clients can READ from this share , but get unusual errors when
creating  files/folders. (And the operations fail)

An older samba 2.0.x server is having ZERO problems on the same lan with a
similar configuration.  I even copied my config settings from the broken
samba server to the old one and they worked FINE.
I'm going to see if its a fault with the libacl on my servers, (version 2.0.9)

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