[Samba] Sage Line 50

Aton aton at skyenet.net
Wed Jul 17 21:56:02 GMT 2002

Fake it. Tell them the server is NT 4.0. If you're competent with NT 4.0 enough, when they tell you to do things on the server, and you say you have, you'll know the approiate responses. I've had to do this before with software vendors. And, so far, I've had great success. They think its on NT, they tell me what possibly could be wrong, and I make the changes. All is good. 


At 01:57 PM 7/16/2002 +0100, you wrote:
>Hi all,
>   I am attempting to get Sage to support their software if the files are 
>on Samba (Linux).  They (like a lot of people I've heard) say "We don't 
>support Linux, Goodbye." even when the client is on Win98/NT.  We have been 
>having trouble on a particular site, and they refuse to support Sage Line 
>50 if the files are on Linux which is absurd, because Linux is much more 
>stable than the previous OS on their server (WinNT 4.5 SBS).  

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