[Samba] Sage Line 50

Martyn Ranyard martyn at inter.co.uk
Thu Jul 18 03:05:02 GMT 2002

At 11:56 PM 7/17/02 +0000, Aton wrote:
>Fake it. Tell them the server is NT 4.0. If you're competent with NT 4.0 
>enough, when they tell you to do things on the server, and you say you 
>have, you'll know the approiate responses. I've had to do this before with 
>software vendors. And, so far, I've had great success. They think its on 
>NT, they tell me what possibly could be wrong, and I make the
>changes. All is good.

And At 07:40 AM 7/18/02 +0100, Noel Kelly wrote:
 >Actually what is interesting here is whether Sage *does* actually work on an
 >NT server with your network setup?  Why not fire up an NT machine for
 >testing and see if it works on that?  Even a VMware one would do the trick
 >(they give you a 30 day license for free).

So I write :

Okay, I can agree with what you're both saying, but that doesn't fix the 
customer, and that's a problem - the customer now says that we've put a 
non-supported OS on and he is in hot water if he has to contact Sage, which 
he does fairly regularly, as they are a big customer.  This is why I'm 
trying to gauge numbers of users, so we can put pressure on them to support 
it.  On the current scenario, it seems one of the machines was causing 
corruption in the tables, and we have eradicated it by loaning them a 
machine, only time will tell if it works.  Also - VMWare? - on a server? - 
all my servers don't have X on them. :)

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