[Samba] Help with Domain login Win98se and Samba 2.2.4

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Wed Jul 17 08:38:02 GMT 2002

I am not new to samba, but i have come across a problem that has me 
stumped. This may not have anything to do with samba, and i am fairly 
certain it does not... however... please bear with me and offer any 
suggestions you may have as it does have to do with interoperability 
between MS and samba.

I have a win98se freshly rebuilt workstation and a RedHat 7.2 machine 
with samba 2.2.4 (rpm from samba.org). As of yesterday it was logging 
onto the domain just fine. This morning, it did not get an ip address 
(config'd for dhcp). I manually set an ip address, and it is now able to 
browse the internet again, and see the samba server from 
start->run->\\servername... But it errors about "No domain server was 
available to validate your logon...". There are 4 other machines at this 
site, that can all log on and work perfectly happily.

I have tried everything that seems obvious... ip addresses, uninstalling 
and reinstalling client for MS networks, etc. etc. etc. I am stumped. I 
have them working right now with a copy of their logon.bat file in the 
startup folder (which i downloaded from the samba server after not being 
validated at login.). Any ideas on what to try? No errors in log files 
or anything out of the ordinary. Are there some cache files in windows 
that i could clear, or is it possible that a setting that i am not aware 
of has been corrupted in the windows registry?

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.


Eric Anderson
Systems / Security Administrator
21st Century Electronics

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