[Samba] Print queue doesn't clear

sthom sthom at myrealbox.com
Mon Jul 15 11:38:45 GMT 2002

I suppose this is a basic linux question as much as it is a Samba related
question. I have configured my 2.2.5 redhat 7.3 server to *not* supply the
drivers (too many problems). Everything is fine now, but one exception: the
print job remains in the queue after it prints. The job shows up as
"Paused". This leaves the printer icon in the tray on the client.

The reason I mentioned it is a Linux problem is because jobs originating
from the server also remain in the queue.

The print spool directory is /var/spool/lpd/*printername* (one directory per
printer). The printers are all connected via LPD using tcp/ip print servers.
LP is the user and group that owns /var/spool/lpd and all of it's

I used webmin to set up the printers.

Any ideas?


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