[Samba] Can't add 'Domain Users'-group to local groups

René Nieuwenhuizen R.Nieuwenhuizen at cpb.nl
Sat Jul 13 22:34:02 GMT 2002


Whenever I try to add the global group 'Domain Users' (or the 'Domain
Admins') to a local group (for example 'Power Users') I get the following
error (translated from dutch):

   The following error has occured while trying to store properties for
group Power Users on computer X
    "Can't add or delete a member from local group because member doesn't

Is this supposed to happen? I actually can add any particular user at the
domain to any local group but that would be a problom to administer. It
would be nice if I could add the 'Domain Users' (or 'Domain Admins') to a
local group.


René Nieuwenhuizen
SysAdmin CPB The Netherlands Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis

samba-2.2.5 on HP/UX 11.00 (compiled with gcc-2.95)
no windbind
no openLDAP setup
no samtdb

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