[Samba] MP3 Moving (Not Copying Problem)

Sean Elble spelble at earthlink.net
Sat Jul 13 22:44:02 GMT 2002


I've been having a problem for some time when dealing with
MP3 files, especially with regard to moving them from
Windows 2000 SP2 client computers to my Samba 2.2.5/Linux
2.4.18/SGI XFS 1.1 file server. Whenever I let Windows
"preview" the MP3 (IOW, I get the option to play the file
from Windows Explorer, and the "progress bar" becomes
white), I become unable to move the file, generating a
"Sharing Violation" on the Windows client. It doesn't matter
if the file is on the client's hard drive, or if it's on a
share on the server. I thought that upgrading to Samba 2.2.5
with the "MP3 rename" bug fixed might solve my problems, but
alas, it has not. Also important to note is the fact that if
I am fast enough to select the file and "Shift-drag" move
it, it works fine, but not if that progress bar turns white,
indicating that Windows can play it from Explorer. I would
take this to be a Windows 2000 problem, but I did not see a
fix for it noted anyplace within this web site:


I would appreciate any assitance with this issue. Thanks, in

 Sean P. Elble
 Independent Systems/Network Engineer
 Caldera Accredited Partner
 UNIX/Linux/Windows NT/2000
 SES Computer Systems
 spelble at earthlink.net

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