[Samba] samba printing 2.2.5 - RPC server is unavailable

Daniel Horth d.horth at tzlimited.com
Sat Jul 13 05:57:01 GMT 2002

Hiya - oh so close to getting our samba 2.2.5 server running at last - 
but being palgued by printer setup problems... I've never quite been 
able to get printing working 100% under samba and am beginning to wonder 
if it's a problem with the way the printing subsystem is set up under 

Anyway - I've got samba installed and acting as PDC for a variety of 
WinNT and Win98 clients, the win 98 clients can install and print to the 
four printers fine and I can print from linux... so printers are set up 
ok as far as I know...

The problem is when I try to set up or install the printers under WinNT 
- at the moment all I get is a message stating "Could not connect to the 
printer: The RPC server is unavailable"

A strange thing is that the printers are all listed along with the samba 
shares - not in the printers forlder, also the "add printer wizard" icon 
is not showing - even though I have "show add printer wizard = yes" set 
in my global section.

This is starting to drive me crazy - I'm sure printer setup should not 
be this hard, otherwise there would be loads more documetation detailing 
this? I've been using the SAMBA HOW-TO, and "Special Edition Using 
SAMBA" from QUE as well as mailing list archives, etc to try to get this 
set up right... but now I'm just totally confused.

It would be great if someone could post a vanilla setup example as to 
how printing should be set up for 2.2.5 / redhat linux 7.2 - including 
the spool directory structures and permissions, as well as relevant 
entries in global and printers sections... either that or I can send 
someone my smb.conf and details of my spool directories to check over...

Any help would be much appreciated in straightening this out... it's the 
last thing that stands between me and being able to have weekends / 
evenings off from work... note - I'm typing this at 10:55pm on satruday 
night! :(

- dan.

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