[Samba] how many linux boxes do I need????

Eirik Thorsnes eirik.thorsnes at fys.uib.no
Fri Jul 12 20:20:59 GMT 2002

With one WINS server on your network all machines will find each other,
through searching / lookup - although the browselists probably won't be
complete. For this you need one LMB for each subnet and each workgroup,
in addition you should have one DMB for each workgroup (the DMB will
also be a LMB in its subnet).

Remember that you can have several samba servers running on one linux
box by using several ethernet cards or aliasing one ethernet card. Just
remember that the samba servers needs separate environments (locking
directories etc.). Search this list for earlier posts about this.

Eirik Thorsnes

Enrique Sanchez Vela wrote:
> Hello, 
> please dont come and say one instead of every windows
> machine in your network, although it is something I
> would like to see happening..
> my network has two lans A and B, I plan to install a
> SAMBA server in network A and have it act as a WINS
> Server too.
> I've been reading the online version of "Using Samba"
> and I am confused about the Local Master Browser
> issues, from the book I could draw that almost any
> machine can act as a LMB however, only NT and above
> (below) would be able to contact a DMB. 
> So, Would I require a Samba server in lan B in order
> to be able to use my samba server as a LMB for network
> A? 
> thanks,
> esv.
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