[Samba] Samba + Abacus Law anyone?

Jeff Green smb at jbgreen.com
Fri Jul 12 10:14:06 GMT 2002

I appreciate the pointers. The server is running a 2.2 kernel, and my 
reading of pertinent messages led me to believe "kernel oplocks" is a 2.4 
kernel feature only. I added it to the global section (the others were 
already there), but there is no difference.

The matching share on a working system is as follows (and has been 
duplicated here):

         comment = Databases
         path = /samba/data
         force group = samba
         read only = No
         browsable = yes
         oplocks = no
         kernel oplocks = no
         guest ok = no
         create mask = 0660
         directory mask = 02770
         valid users = @samba

Any other thoughts (or specific experience with this application)?

At 07:30 PM 7/11/02 , you wrote:
>Add or change these lines to read:
>oplocks = no
>level2 oplocks = no
>kernel oplocks = no
>All multi user programs seem to need this at some level.
>smb at jbgreen.com wrote*:
> >
> >I'm attempting to install Abacus Law (v13) under Samba and Linux. Install
> >completes, and I get as far as a single user successfully logged in, but
> >the 2nd user is nothing but trouble. Samba logs show nothing unusual to my
> >semi-trained eye, but locking code or timing is a likely suspect. Technical
> >support is of no help as they haven't tested (and therefore don't support)
> >the application under Samba and/or Linux.
> >
> >Though I have it installed and working on one very similar network,
> >duplicating everything to the smallest detail possible hasn't provided a
> >working configuration. I've also tried two other versions (2.0.8 and 2.2.12
> >in addition to the current Debian/Woody version 2.2.3a-6)
> >
> >  I'm looking for someone else who has this application running that would
> >be willing to collaborate on configuration and technical support issues.
> >Failing this, Linux must convert over to a supported NOS as this is a
> >critical application.
> >
> >Here's hoping...
> >
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