[Samba] About DENY-MODE or file locking

zhangyfh at legend.com.cn zhangyfh at legend.com.cn
Fri Jul 12 10:01:52 GMT 2002

Open an *.doc file with M$ word from a win 2000 client, type 'smbstatus' on
Server, it shows that the file is opend with a DENT-WRITE mode, and when I
open the same file from another win 2000 client, I can only open it with
READONLY mode, and can't delete the file too.

Everything is OK.

But when I open the same file from the Server itself, it can't be aware of
the existing DENY_WRITE, I can write it and remove it.

And how about open the same file from a NFS client? I don't know , but I
think there will be the same problem.

What should I do to prevent it?


Yufei Zhang

E-mail:zhangyfh at legend.com

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