[Samba] How to find out default values

Jan Schäfer j_schaef at informatik.uni-kl.de
Fri Jul 12 10:01:03 GMT 2002

> >I'm currently trying to design a dialog where the user can
> >edit the
> >valid users, invalid users, write list, read list and admin users.
> >The dialog contains two lists, one with all possible users
> >and one list with the valid users (where the access rights can be changed)
> >
> >My problem is now, where can I get all possible Samba users ?
> >Until now I've only got them from the smbpasswd file.
> >Are there other places where Samba users can be stored ?
> >
> >Greetings,
> >
> >	Jan Schäfer
>    I know that there are possibilities for ldap and others, but a basic
> samba install should be using smbpasswd right now to the best of my
> knowledge.
Ok. That is supported.
>    There is something else that could be tricky, you can use @groupname
> for valid users as well. I am not sure how you would distinguish unix
> groups from samba groups, but these should be included if your app is
> going to be as functional as possible.
As long as I know samba uses the unix groups and don't have its own groups.
But if it has its own groups, where are they stored ?


	Jan Schaefer

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