[Samba] job fails to print via samba 2.2.6-pre1 - lpd ASCII and postscript test works fine...

Joel Hammer Joel at HammersHome.com
Thu Jul 11 17:56:42 GMT 2002

Does this problem occur when the printer is directly hooked up to the
Is this a samba problem at all?  This is a ghostscript (IMHO) error. 

On Thu, Jul 11, 2002 at 12:37:34PM -0400, Paul.Sanders at excellus.com wrote:
> Red Hat 7.3
> samba 2.2.6-pre1 using bsd style printing
>  printers:     HP LaserJet 8100
>                       HP LaserJet 8150
>                       HP Color LaserJet 4500
>                       HP Color LaserJet 4550
> Problem:   I set up printers in linux via printconf as JetDirect queues.  I
> have ~90 printers, all but 12 of which are  HP LJ 4000/4050.
> I can send a test page [both ASCII and Postscript] to ALL queues via
> printconf and all tests come out OK.
> When I move over to an NT/2k box and send text via samba all jobs print
> fine.
> When printing a page containing graphics [in this case an image of a plump
> Tux with some text...] I get a blank page followed by a page with a short
> error message:
>       ERROR: timeout
>       OFFENDING COMMAND: timeout
>       STACK:
>       -mark-
>       /sfnts
> The stack error varies somewhat depending on the page being sent.  Samba
> shows no errors in any log that I have looked into and there in no
> appreciable delay in the page being printed [which would seem to be the
> case with a 'timeout' error].  just to clarify - this error is printed on a
> sheet of paper from the printer not in any logs or onscreen dialog.
> I changed the queue for one of these printers to a Unix/lpd queue and all
> jobs regardless of origin print OK.  I have not touched the drivers or
> changed any other setting.
> These same printers are currently being servered by a Redhat 6.2.4 [VA
> Linux version] box running 2.2.5-pre and I have no issues like this.  [I am
> upgrading a two-box 'cluster' one box at a time...].
> Again, I see no errors - samba seems to think the printer accepted the job
> while the printer thinks it is getting junk.
> This is not a show stopper since i can just use the LPD style queue for the
> cranky printers...
> Any thoughts..
> Paul Sanders
> Univera Health Care IT
> Excellus, Inc.
> Paul.Sanders at excellus.com
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