[Samba] Printing eats my CPU

Gerald Carter jerry at samba.org
Wed Jul 10 06:52:02 GMT 2002

On Tue, 9 Jul 2002, Martin Zielinski wrote:

> In this case: 20 queues. The network trace shows about 70
> GET_PRINTERDATA requests (Change Id 3(?)) and the same number of
> GET_PRINTER requests in one second (and the responses). I watched this
> more than one minute. I don't believe, it's normal.

Are you connected as a printer admin?  If so, then try connecting only as 
a normal user.  NT/2k tries to update a lot of settings unnecessaril;y 
when you can open the printer with admin rights.

> Removing the KX drivers from the Samba server solved this problem (and
> cleaning up the XP registry). I believe you'd have to reimplement the
> w2k bugs to make these buggy drivers work.

Could be.  All drivers are not created equal. :-)

> I've got another problem: To answere an RFFPCNEX request the Samba
> server tries to resolve the name of the client. If the client has VMWARE
> installed, it returnes more than one ip - some of them typically not in
> the subnet of the samba server.  Perhaps the same happens, if a DNS
> lookup or WINS request succeeds on clients with more than one network
> interface. The client connect routine fails in this case - even if a
> vaild ip address of the client has been submitted. This is even worse,
> as I have seen delays up to 20 seconds in a class B network after this
> lookup, until the Samba server responded the request. In our class C
> network the response time is about 0.5 to 1 second. Perhaps it would be
> better to sort the ip addresses first, or take the ip address from the
> open connection?.
> P.S. This affects the displaying of the printers in the printers folder.
> They stay on status "opening" or even "unable to connect".

It's MS's design of printer change notification.  I need to see
what a 2k server does in the same situation to decide how 
handle this.

> Another (not critical): I've installed 100 printers. Calling rpcclient
> with the "enumprinters" command fails. The samba log says:
> unmarshall_rpc_header: assert on frag length failed (20408).
> Just a bug in rpcclient?

It's a long standing bug in rpcclient.  I've been meaning
to get around to it.  Maybe one day ... 

cheers, jerry
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