[Samba] Printing eats my CPU

Martin Zielinski m.zielinski at seh.de
Tue Jul 9 00:56:08 GMT 2002

On Monday 08 July 2002 16:41, you wrote:
> On Tue, 2 Jul 2002, Martin Zielinski wrote:
> > Hi all,
> > I still have several problems with the printing system.
> >
> > The most critical is, that some drivers seem to cause an infinite RPC
> > loop. I have a KYOCERA Mita KM 4230 KX driver installed. In this moment I
> > RPC responses on the net. Stracing the smbd process looks like this:
> How many printers do you have on the server?  Just looks like normal
> tdb lookups.

In this case: 20 queues. The network trace shows about 70 GET_PRINTERDATA 
requests  (Change Id 3(?)) and the same number of GET_PRINTER requests in one 
second (and the responses).
I watched this more than one minute. I don't believe, it's normal.

Removing the KX drivers from the Samba server solved this problem (and 
cleaning up the XP registry). I believe you'd have to reimplement the w2k 
bugs to make these buggy drivers work.

I've got another problem:
To answere an RFFPCNEX request the Samba server tries to resolve the name of 
the client. If the client has VMWARE installed, it returnes more than one ip 
- some of them typically not in the subnet of the samba server. 
Perhaps the same happens, if a DNS lookup or WINS request succeeds on clients 
with more than one network interface. The client connect routine fails in 
this case - even if a vaild ip address of the client has been submitted. This 
is even worse, as I have seen delays up to 20 seconds in a class B network 
after this lookup, until the Samba server responded the request. In our class 
C network the response time is about 0.5 to 1 second. Perhaps it would be 
better to sort the ip addresses first, or take the ip address from the open 

P.S. This affects the displaying of the printers in the printers folder.
They stay on status "opening" or even "unable to connect".

Another (not critical):
I've installed 100 printers. Calling rpcclient with the "enumprinters" command 
fails. The samba log says:

unmarshall_rpc_header: assert on frag length failed (20408).

Just a bug in rpcclient?

Thanks so far!


Martin Zielinski m.zielinski at seh.de

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