[Samba] use samba for WINS name resolution on solaris

Yang, James H (Jhyang), SOLIT jhyang at att.com
Tue Jul 9 09:20:03 GMT 2002


   Thanks for your help.  
   I followed instructions in:
   a. compile libnss_wins.so and install it in /lib
   b. modify the smb.conf file to have
         wins support = No
         wins server = IP-of-a-win-server
   c. modify nsswitch.conf file to have
         hosts:      files wins dns
   d. reboot the machine and make sure that smbd is running

   But it does not work - ping failed to resolve a WINS name.

   The installation is Samba v2.2.3 on a SUN/Solaris v2.6 machine.   In
the document, it does not mention support of Solaris platform.  
   Any idea?


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On Mon, 17 Jun 2002, Yang, James H (Jhyang), SOLIT wrote:

> I have a SUN/Solaris system that functions like a web proxy server.
> our corporate environment, PC client/brower can access a web server
> using URL with WINS name as well DNS.     Can Samba be configured to
> the system to support/resolve WINS names by pointing to corporate WINS
> servers - in addition to DNS (configured in /etc/resolv.conf)?

There is a NSS modules which uses wins (libnss_wins.so).
See the nsswitch/ directory in the Samba source distro.

cheers, jerry
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