[Samba] Problems

Peter Wells Peter.Wells at et.suffolkcc.gov.uk
Mon Jul 8 05:59:02 GMT 2002


Unfortunatly we dont run a firewall on this server, sorry. Do u have any
more ideas we can try ??

Thank u for your help so far.


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Peter Wells wrote:

> Please can you help.
> We have installed Samba from the source off the website, and followed 
> you instructions. We can see the server listed in Win explorer, and 
> the details section has Samba 2.2.2, but when we try to explore it 
> errors with the error message "Server inaccessible - The network path 
> was not Found".
> We have tried re-writing the smb.conf and all of the diagnosis tips 
> from your website but still unable to explore the share directory.
> If you could that it would be fantastic.
> Thanks
> Peter

Sounds like the old firewall problem again. If you are running a frewall 
on the samba machine, open ports 137 - 139 in your frewall and see if 
this helps.

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