[Samba] samba-2.2.5 + spoolss + WindowsXP=DENIED? plus some

Jason Corekin crazy_j_c at hotmail.com
Sat Jul 6 15:02:04 GMT 2002

I have setup my samba server to be a domain controller for my primarily windows based home network.  For the most part this work well.  I am running on samba 2.2.5, installed from an RPM I downloaded directly from the us4 samba mirror.  The host OS is Redhat 7.3 with all current patches.  But I am running into two problems.
    First of all, when I try to connect to the shared printer we have from any of our Windows 2000 boxes, everything works just fine, but when I try to  do so from my two Windows XP boxes I get a message on the server about being denied access to the spoolss pipe. Mind you I am using the same roaming profile account across all of these machines.  If I disable spoolss in the smb.conf file the two XP machines can connect but the 2000 boxes loose connectivity.
    Second, on log off from the roaming profiles I have a random issue where some files will not update.  They appear to have full permission at all level, but for whatever reason they the just won't write on log off.  If you log back in and copy the file manually the error goes away, until the next time the machines randomly choose a file to complain about.

Do I have some sort of ghost or something.  I actually have other permission issues on the box, like my DHCP not updating my DNS when it has every possible permission it could ever need.  So there could actually be a more widespread issue, but if that is the case I really have no clue what it could be.  I may end up just re-installing the machine, I'm just not sure that will help either.

I would be very grateful of anyone with that might have a suggestion.  Thanks in advance.

Jason Corekin
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