[Samba] some newbie questions

Markus Sjöström markus.sjostrom at home.se
Thu Jul 4 18:19:02 GMT 2002

I've read pretty much in the samba-howto-collection and in the manual for smb.conf and i now feel ready to compile and install the latest version of samba. But I have some question beacuse i had some problems before.
My current version of samba is 2.2.3a-6 for Debian (apt-get install samba) and the reason I want to install the latest version is beacuse my friend did all the work for me the first time, and know i want to learn myself.

1. When i've installed the latest ver, is everything installed inte the right palce then? I've seen a pretty complicated script for samba that is symlinked in /etc/rcx.d, do i need this script and is it installed when i'm not using apt-get?

I think that was all for now. I've heard that samba can be tricky to compile and install so i just want to be preapared.

Thank You

Markus Sjöström
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