[Samba] Synchronizing 2 samba linux servers

Chris Tooley ctooley at amoa.org
Tue Jul 2 13:15:02 GMT 2002

Most of this can be done with rsync.  If you are talking about synching
authentication, you probably want to move to a directory service. 
Either NIS or LDAP.  Since you don't have either set up I would
definitely suggest setting up LDAP instead of NIS as it seems to be the
future.  If you are using Linux or any other PAM aware system you should
be able to use pam_ldap to authenticate your UNIX users to an LDAP
server as well.

Chris Tooley

On Tue, 2002-07-02 at 16:18, Scott Swaim wrote:
> I have only ever needto to run one samba/linux system.  I now need 2 more
> added to the network.  I need some direction on how to keep the 3 servers
> replicated with the unix passwords and the samba passwords.   I will have
> one main systems with 2 Backup/storage systems on the same network
> Thanks for any information
> Scott Swaim
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