[Samba] Synchronizing 2 samba linux servers

Scott Swaim scott at qualitycorps.com
Tue Jul 2 13:22:02 GMT 2002

I currently use Slackware for my linux installations.   From what I gather I
would need to download and install pam then download and install LDAP on the
primary machine.   On the secondary machines I just need to install pam_ldap
to do authentication.  I would alos need to recompile Samba to use the new
pam/Ldap support.

Is the above correct?


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> Most of this can be done with rsync.  If you are talking about synching
> authentication, you probably want to move to a directory service.
> Either NIS or LDAP.  Since you don't have either set up I would
> definitely suggest setting up LDAP instead of NIS as it seems to be the
> future.  If you are using Linux or any other PAM aware system you should
> be able to use pam_ldap to authenticate your UNIX users to an LDAP
> server as well.
> Chris Tooley
> On Tue, 2002-07-02 at 16:18, Scott Swaim wrote:
> > I have only ever needto to run one samba/linux system.  I now need 2
> > added to the network.  I need some direction on how to keep the 3
> > replicated with the unix passwords and the samba passwords.   I will
> > one main systems with 2 Backup/storage systems on the same network
> >
> > Thanks for any information
> >
> > Scott Swaim
> >
> >
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