[Samba] I Need A Little Help...

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Tue Jul 2 05:57:02 GMT 2002


You would do well to use Swat to make your configuration changes. In the
global section, click the "Help" link to the left of the options, in your
case focus on the security options. I suspect you need to have USER
security, encrypt passwords YES and update encrypted YES.

You also ought to include a paste of your smb.conf file in future posts on
this topic.

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> Dear Samba Team,
> I've been introduced to Samba lately and I used it to
> share a ufs File System in an enterprise system to be
> accessed through Windows Nt and Windows 2000.
> I followed the installation steps and to be honest I
> wasn't sure that the system will run because I lack in
> experience with this software, also because I was
> using instructions from a Samba book that I think was
> talking about another version :)
> So Finally I tried to access the Sun Server shared
> partition from Windows NT and things were incredible,
> it worked with 100 % success.
> Unfortunately when I tried the same with windows 2000
> it gave me the following error:
> "//hostname is not accessible , The account is not
> authorized to log in from this station. "
> so the Server appears on the network but it's not
> accessible...
> So, I need your help...
> thanks for taking a part of your time and waiting for
> your reply...
> Amr Hussein Wakik
> Sun Certified System Administrator
> Raya Integration Company
> Cairo, Egypt
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