[Samba] I Need A Little Help...

Amr Hussein amr_hussein at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 1 23:16:02 GMT 2002

Dear Samba Team,
I've been introduced to Samba lately and I used it to
share a ufs File System in an enterprise system to be
accessed through Windows Nt and Windows 2000.
I followed the installation steps and to be honest I
wasn't sure that the system will run because I lack in
experience with this software, also because I was
using instructions from a Samba book that I think was
talking about another version :)
So Finally I tried to access the Sun Server shared
partition from Windows NT and things were incredible,
it worked with 100 % success.
Unfortunately when I tried the same with windows 2000
it gave me the following error:
"//hostname is not accessible , The account is not
authorized to log in from this station. "
so the Server appears on the network but it's not
So, I need your help...
thanks for taking a part of your time and waiting for
your reply...

Amr Hussein Wakik
Sun Certified System Administrator
Raya Integration Company
Cairo, Egypt

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