[Samba] Slow Printing with Windos 98 Clients

João Carlos Clobocar joao at clobocar.com.br
Mon Jul 1 19:31:02 GMT 2002

I am running Samba on a Red Hat 7.2 server.
I shared a Epson Stylus C80 printer as the instructions collected in many
How-To's teached me.
The printer is working, but the print job stated from windows 98 clients
takes to much time to get the server.
The job is around 5 megabytes in size and takes 2 to 3 minutes to get the
One file with same size takes 20 seconds to be copied from client to server
(through samba sharing).
What is the problem?
I think sharing printer files is like reading from client and wrinting to
server (a quick task).


JC Clobocar

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