[Samba] Samba corruption and SuSE 8.0]

Thomas Stegbauer tsmailing at tronicplanet.de
Mon Jul 1 11:56:03 GMT 2002

David Bottrill schrieb:
> All,
hi david,

> I hope you can help, I've searched the archives and found some reference
> to some file corruption problems, but with earlier versions of Samba to 
> what I am running.
> Having replaced my old NT4 server at home (after it's boot disk died)
> with Samba running on SuSE 8.0 I've had 3 instances of files becoming
> corrupted when saved from my wife's Windows 2000 PC. What happens is
> that documents appear to have random, but meaningful text appearing
> at random in the document. It looks maybe like Samba has picked this
> text up from somewhere else on the server's disk.

i had similar effects on a mailserver (with maildir) formated with 
reiserfs. and i here more and more reiserfs is not as stable as it should.

we switch to xfs (because online lvm extends) and ext3.

> The Samba shares are located on a separate Reiser partition on my
> server, which is a dual PIII 450 on a Gigabit motherboard this is using the
> stock SuSE 8.0 SMP kernel (2.4.18-64GB-SMP).

i would use an other filesystem.

> I have now as a matter of course upgraded to 2.2.5 but there appears to be 
> no reference to this problem in the list of bugs fixed.

i dont think this is an samba problem

> Sorry about the rather long posting but I though I would give as much
> information as I could. Any thoughts / suggestions would be very welcome
> as I'm getting a lot of grief from my wife.

oh tell her, shit happens ;)


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