[Samba] can samba server act as a domain controller for 3 subnets?

Arunachalam G arunachalam at deeproot.co.in
Mon Jul 1 04:42:02 GMT 2002

the scenerio is
there are three sub-nets
and there is a machine named CONNECTOR that acts as gateway for the
above three subnets, which is also a DHCP server.

samba server running on machine DEEPOFIX which is in subnet
acts as a domain controller for that subnet.

question is whether the machine DEEPOFIX can act as a domain controller
for all the three subnets? if it can what are the necessary configuration
options for smb.conf file & what major changes has to be made in windows

if anyone knows the solution for this or if there is anyother way to
achieve this & ready to reply, then that would be of great use.


DeepRoot Linux

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