[Samba] transfer users and password form win NTto linux fileserver

Mac dmccann at nibsc.ac.uk
Thu Feb 28 08:06:13 GMT 2002


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>Subject: [Samba] transfer users and password form win NTto linux fileserver
>Date: Wed, 27 Feb 2030 16:17:56 -0300
>Hi people!
>I´m a fireman from São Paulo Fire Dapartment (Brasil) and I´m encharged to
>give support to the Computer System of the headquarter.
>We have for about 500 users connected in a fileserver running Red Hat 7.2,
>but we are authenticating the users using another machine running win NT. I
>would like to turn off the win NT but I don´t known how getting the users
>and passwords from the win NT and transfer them to the smbpasswd.
>Could you give me some help to transfer the users and passwords to the
>fileserver running Samba to retire the win NT password checker?
>I will be very happy for any help.

You need pwdump.

It's not part of Samba's source (I think), but you can get it from:-


and it'll do exactly what you're after.  Take all the passwords from
your NT box and make a 'smbpasswd' file from them.

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