[Samba] transfer users and password form win NTto linux fileserver

Rogério Carlos rogerioc at polmil.sp.gov.br
Wed Feb 27 11:21:56 GMT 2002

Hi people!
I´m a fireman from São Paulo Fire Dapartment (Brasil) and I´m encharged to
give support to the Computer System of the headquarter.
We have for about 500 users connected in a fileserver running Red Hat 7.2,
but we are authenticating the users using another machine running win NT. I
would like to turn off the win NT but I don´t known how getting the users
and passwords from the win NT and transfer them to the smbpasswd.
Could you give me some help to transfer the users and passwords to the
fileserver running Samba to retire the win NT password checker?
I will be very happy for any help.


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