[Samba] about samba domain logon problem

K.K. Kwan kk_kwan2910 at so-net.com.hk
Thu Feb 28 06:17:04 GMT 2002

Dear all,

    I just install Redhat 7.2 and also want to use Samba.
    some question happened when a windows client (windows 98 2nd)
    I logon the the domain (Redhat 7.2 samba server), it can't login, it
said valid domain.
    but I try to use the IP address instead of the name  (Redhat 7.2
samba server ip address). it can successful login.
    I also check the DNS server...it seem show everything alright.....
    I can't find out what problem is.
    Could anyone can help me?

K.K. Kwan

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