[Samba] Two samba servers in one win domain

Vlček noel at cvnet.cz
Wed Feb 27 22:48:33 GMT 2002

Two samba servers in one win domain

Hello, all

I have a such situation.
I have a samba server (no.1, RH 7.0, samba ver.2.0.7) and I am running it 
a server years (and it's very reliable) for cca 50 users. Now I need to 
connect new samba server into present win domain (no.2, RH 7.2, 
samba ver. 2.2.3a). Both server are connected into one subnet vith  the 
same netmask. And I did folow commads.

1.samba (older, v 2.0.7, RH 7.0), set as PDC (domain master, .... are set)
netbios name = main
security = user

2.samba (new, v2.2.3a, RH 7.2)
netbios name = technik
workgroup = skupina
security = domain

On samba no.1 I created user technik$ (is in v /etc/passwd). And by 

   smbpasswd -a -m technik

I added trusted account (for NT user) into smbpasswd ( is in 

On samba no.2 I stopped both daemons and ran a command :

    smbpasswd -j skupina -r main

And Unfotunatelly I received a message :

   Unable to join domain HLAVNI

When I tried to connect to server technik from subnet connected to 
server samba no.1(via command net use ...), I received a message :

    The computer name specified in the network path cannot be located ...

In network neighbourhhood this server in visible, but not possible to 
access into it's shares.

Please, please, where I am doing a mistake(s) ??

Thanks very much



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