[Samba] Mirroring

Jeremy Allison jra at samba.org
Wed Feb 27 10:01:15 GMT 2002

On Wed, Feb 27, 2002 at 12:41:18PM -0500, Mike Westkamper wrote:
> I have been running Samba for several years, in some pretty crazy
> configurations. By in large it has worked extremely well. My company has
> adopted it as our primary server and we have delivered several systems that
> Linux/Samba are at the core.
> I'm trying to address a new opportunity. The user wants to keep an NT server
> as the Golden Copy and have many mirrors that actually serve the files. Only
> the chosen few can update the NT server while a lot of folks will access the
> Linux/Samba servers. I question the rationale, however the school's
> administration is certain this is the way they want it.
> I have it working using smbclient periodically copying the respective areas
> to the Linux/Samba servers.
> Here then is my question...
> Is there a way to selectively copy only those files which are new or have
> changed? The NT server changes less that 5% a day yet I am copying 100% of
> the files.
> Thanks in advance for any suggestions...

You're in luck...... www.rsync.org

(Also written by Andrew Tridgell :-).


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