[Samba] Will samba work on Linux/486 with heavy swapping?

Max TenEyck Woodbury mtew at cds.duke.edu
Wed Feb 27 06:11:03 GMT 2002

References: <001d01c1bd83$ff37d8a0$8ced91cc at lfs>
<3C7A5D2A.F1983CEB at cds.duke.edu> <005c01c1be42$4efb5e20$83ed91cc at lfs>
<3C7AB27F.2FC722E7 at cds.duke.edu> <000c01c1be63$79208a60$83ed91cc at lfs>
<3C7BAEEC.3AC5975F at cds.duke.edu> <000b01c1bf56$76d8d8e0$9bed91cc at lfs>

Uh, TJ, About that previous message from me that you posted to the list --
Please warn me when you intend to do that. I was a bit more blunt in my
problem descriptions to you than I would have been to a public forum. I
hereby apologize to anybody that might have been offended by my overly
direct remarks.

As for your problem, let me summarize:

1) You are not running a standard Red Hat kernel.
2) You were getting kernel panics and are now getting other kernel errors.
3) You are seeing a 400KB jump in memory use from 700KB free to 300KB free.
   The next step would take you to -100KB free. Not good.

I conclude:

1) This is not a SaMBa problem, or if it is, it is one compounded by a 
   kernel problem. The kernel problem should be addressed first.
2) A Linux bug report directly to kernel.org is in order.

Other comments:

RPMs have their place. The source RPMs almost always include .tar.bz2 packed
distributions of the original packages, patches, build scripts, dependency 
information and more so the binary distributions can be rebuilt. The binary 
RPMs are intended to be more compact and contain only the information needed
to instal and remove the package. They perform their job very well, but are
intended to supplement, not replace the original distributions.

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