[Samba] Default user and group

Lennard Bakker lennard.bakker at cmg.nl
Wed Feb 27 02:54:03 GMT 2002


I use samba to store to share with other. This is done by a setup that
obly a select group of users can see the files in a share.

The problem is the default fileowner/groupowner.
By default the owner is <user-a> and groupowner is <user-a>.

Is it possible to change de default owners of a file which i create. So
that that the fileowner is <user-a> but the groupowner is <u-public>.
This without changing anything to <user-a>
(If user-a works on te shell, his own files need the default

Every time logging in to the linux box, su to root, and do a chgrp on
the placed files gets a little irritating.


Lennard Bakker

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