[Samba] unix password sync doesn't update smbpasswd file!

Mac dmccann at nibsc.ac.uk
Tue Feb 26 08:59:03 GMT 2002

Hi all,

	I'm using 2.2.3 on FreeBSD 4.5 RELEASE and trying to get
'smbpasswd' to change the encrypted password and the UNIX password

I'm getting strange behaviour.

Having worked through debugging my 'chat script', I now have
the following situation:-

When unix password sync = yes
	smbpasswd works, but only the UNIX password is changed

When unix password sync = no
	smbpasswd works, and only the encrypted password is changed.

Moreover, in the first case, smbpasswd takes (at least) 22 seconds to
return the prompt, but in the second, only 2-3 seconds.

I'm no expert, but I noticed in the source code an 'alarm(20)' which
is to kill the passwd-chat child if it runs too long (I guess). This
makes me wonder if the child's not returning successfully, even though
it has changed the UNIX password.

Any clues?

Any one got 'unix passwd sync' working in 2.2.3a ?

Could it be a 'passwd chat' issue?  Mine is currently:-
	*new*password %n\n *new*password %n\n *updating*database

And a typical (root) session with the passwd command is:-
	# passwd jkent
	Changing local password for jkent.
	New password:
	Retype new password:
	passwd: updating the database...
	passwd: done


Side issue. Is it right that 'fred' and 'fredfred' are equivalent
passwords in (at least some part of) SMB?

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