Antwort: [Samba] Re: Printing problems with W2K

thomas_tiedtke at thomas_tiedtke at
Tue Feb 26 07:13:00 GMT 2002

Hi Sebastian,

thank you for your hint!

I´am don´t sure if it help´s in general? 

It will make a LANMAN connection to the server ... no printer driver 
download, no general settings! No change to automate the network printer 

We have to install 700+ clients on 8 sites with round about 200 network 
printers  ... with 3-4 network printers for a client, we have to config 
2800 printer connection! That is very bad!
But, you are right! That will work! ... but not for us!

Regards, Thomas

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Thema:  [Samba] Re: Printing problems with W2K

Hi Thomas,

I had also this Problem !
I have installed the printer with:
New printer -> Local printer -> Local port
-> \\server\printershare !!!

The printer is now available for all users on this machine !

Best regards

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