[Samba] Updated smb.conf file

Blanchard, Michael MBlanchard at grandaire.com
Tue Feb 26 06:40:06 GMT 2002

Is there ever going to be an updated smb.conf to reflect the new options
availible with the latest versions?  I'd like to see (commented out of
course) the options to activate winbind, along with some more
information about domain membership.  theres also some stuff currently
in there that's been deprecated (domain controller) and theres even tons
of options for each share (like oplocks, etc.) that could use some more
examples.  It would probably cut down on alot of the traffic to this
list for the easy questions.  I know theres tons of information in the
man pages and on samba.org and you can always search with google, but
alot of people just read the smb.conf and think that's it.  I would be
willing to give it a shot, but i'm by no means an expert.  (although I
get better all the time)

Mike Blanchard 
Network Administrator 
Webmaster - www.gaepilots.com 
Grand Aire, Inc MIS Z-team 

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