[Samba] Locking my computer

M. Balakrishna Pillai mbpillai at eth.net
Wed Feb 27 07:38:15 GMT 2002

Martyn Ranyard wrote:

> I think a lot of people would be interested in seeing this policy file,
> would you consider posting it or uploading it somewhere and posting a link.
> Martyn

hi listers

Since this is not a SAMBA  issue kindly excuse me for posting it here.

These are what I did.
1.  login in as default user by pressing  -esc- key .
2.  Install policy editor (procedure as follows):-
     Control Pannel -> Add/Remove Programs-> Windows Setup->browse-
> [cdrom drive - win98 SE]->tools\reskit\netadmin\poledit\  ->click OK

3.  Control Pannel->Passwords->user profiles
    a) selecr - Users can customise......................when you logon
    b) check Include Desktop............................
    c)  check Start menu............................

4. log off and login as a new user
    a) Start-> Run-> poledit->OK (this will launch System Policy Editor)
    b) File - > Open Regisry ( Two items Local Comoputer and Local User will
appear on the editor window)
    c)open Local User (another window with two options Windows 98 Network and
Windows 98 system)
    d) open Windows 98 System -> Shell -> Restrictions and check the box left
to "Hide drives in my computer"

5.  Exit policy edior 9registry for the user will be automatically changed
(This can be disabled with other options)

6.  logoff and login as the user.  (The drives will not be displayed in the My
Computer borwser window.)

7.  Try other options ( I messed my system once by loging in  as default user
and disabled the run command )

Wish you all the best

M.Balakrishna Pillai

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