[Samba] Long logoff times - Win2k Client, Samba 2.2.2 PDC

Martyn Ranyard ranyardm at lineone.net
Tue Feb 26 05:14:22 GMT 2002

Turn off profiles, or get your users to empty their temporary internet 
files etc.

See the recent discussions on profiles.

At 07:39 AM 2/26/02 -0500, Ron Gage wrote:
>Hi Folks:
>I am seeing excessively long logoff times on my Win2k clients - I am using 
>as a PDC.
>Excessively long == 6+ minutes.  Network is 100BT switched.  Total cable feet
>between client and server (including switch) - 10 foot.  According to the
>switch, both machines are running at 100BT speed, full duplex.
>There is what appears to be a lot of network traffic between the client 
>and the
>server going on during the logoff, but it shouldn't take that long to log off.
>Profiles are enabled if that helps any.
>Any ideas on what I should do to fix this?
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Martyn Ranyard

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