[Samba] upgrading to 2.2.3a

Martyn Ranyard ranyardm at lineone.net
Tue Feb 26 05:11:08 GMT 2002

Comments below, but :

Ideally, if you are doing an upgrade from a binary version, you should 
uninstall the package before doing a make install.  When this is impossible 
due to the downtime involved, I do the following : run the configure script 
with the correct directory locations to your existing binaries and config 
files, and schedule the "make install" to be run at a low usage time 
(midnight? possibly with a cronjob?)  Then, if anything does go wrong, it's 
when people come back online that the problem occurs, not when they are in 
the middle of some important file operation!.

Main point, try and get the binaries and the config file locations the 
same, or uninstall before make install.

Like I say, more comments below :

At 11:42 AM 2/26/02 +0000, David W Smith wrote:
>I'm upgrading a samba installation to 2.2.3a and am at the 'make install'
>stage. I'm a tad concerned/unsure about what may happen to current samba
>connections during the final stages of an upgrade thus I was wondering if
>anyone had any words to the wise.
>Samba is installed on a sparc ultra-250 box running Solaris 8. I've
>installed samba 2.2.3a into a non-default location as a test before I run
>'make install' to upgrade samba, which is stopped/started via an init.d
>script. My current smbd & nmbd binaries are in a 'bin' directory whereas
>the current version I notice places them in 'sbin'.
>So I figure completion of my upgrade will involve:
>* running 'make install'
>* the binaries in '/samba/bin' will be given a '.old' suffix (?)

Not if your new binaries are in /samba/sbin, sorry, but it won't know where 
to go looking.

>* the smbd & nmbd binaries being installed into '/samba/sbin'
>* samba will then be stopped using the init.d script

Nope, this is up to you to do.

>* the script will be edited such that '${SAMBA_DIR}/bin/smbd' becomes
>'${SAMBA_DIR}/sbin/smbd' (ditto for nmbd)

again, up to you.

>* smb.conf will remain unaltered

yes, but bear in mind that the new binaries will probably be looking 
somewhere other than the preinstalled binaries.

>* samba will be started via the script


>[winbind will not be used]
>During these steps surely the current samba connections will be knocked
>out and I'm unsure of the fall out/potential damage from such an occurrence.

No, it is up to you when you stop the running smbd and nmbd daemons, but I 
would advise an immediate restart, as if your new binaries do not work, I 
am unsure if smbd will be able to fork further.

>Any words of experience/tips/etc appreciated.
>David Smith
>University of Oxford
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