[Samba] upgrading to 2.2.3a

David W Smith dwsmith at well.ox.ac.uk
Tue Feb 26 03:48:03 GMT 2002


I'm upgrading a samba installation to 2.2.3a and am at the 'make install'
stage. I'm a tad concerned/unsure about what may happen to current samba
connections during the final stages of an upgrade thus I was wondering if
anyone had any words to the wise.

Samba is installed on a sparc ultra-250 box running Solaris 8. I've
installed samba 2.2.3a into a non-default location as a test before I run
'make install' to upgrade samba, which is stopped/started via an init.d
script. My current smbd & nmbd binaries are in a 'bin' directory whereas
the current version I notice places them in 'sbin'.

So I figure completion of my upgrade will involve:

* running 'make install'

* the binaries in '/samba/bin' will be given a '.old' suffix (?)

* the smbd & nmbd binaries being installed into '/samba/sbin'

* samba will then be stopped using the init.d script

* the script will be edited such that '${SAMBA_DIR}/bin/smbd' becomes
'${SAMBA_DIR}/sbin/smbd' (ditto for nmbd)

* smb.conf will remain unaltered

* samba will be started via the script

[winbind will not be used]

During these steps surely the current samba connections will be knocked
out and I'm unsure of the fall out/potential damage from such an occurrence.

Any words of experience/tips/etc appreciated.

David Smith

University of Oxford

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