[Samba] How do I map user accounts on multiple servers to a single SambaPDC?

Bard Bergfald bard at bergfald.no
Tue Feb 26 01:11:42 GMT 2002

Consider moving all accountmanagement over to a single openldap server.
Then use the profile-path setting for each user to specify witch server
he or se is on.


Gary Dunn wrote:

> Is there a slick way to map user accounts on multiple servers to a
> single Samba PDC?
> I have my Windows NT user accounts split across two FreeBSD/Samba
> servers, call them red and blue, with a Windows NT 4.0 PDC "above."
> The Windows User Manager database allows me to specify which server
> each user is on, individually. As a user logs on, the Windows PDC
> passes their session the location of their home folder and their
> roaming folder.  Half of my accounts are home= \\red\username,
> profile= \\red\profiles\username. The other half substitute blue for
> red. The workstation then connects directly to the designated
> server. When logon is complete, there is no connection to the PDC.
> My goal is to be 100% Windows Free at the server end. I have set up a
> test domain with a FreeBSD/Samba server as the PDC. Are there some
> tricks I can use in smb.conf to duplicate this split server design? I
> want to avoid something like mapping each user's home folder on the
> PDC to a share on red or blue, be it with NFS or SAMBA, due to
> security and LAN traffic. That is, I want the connection to go
> straight from red or blue to the workstation.
> Gary Dunn
> Open Slate Project
> www.aloha.com/~knowtree
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