[Samba] How do I map user accounts on multiple servers to a single Samba PDC?

Gary Dunn knowtree at aloha.com
Mon Feb 25 16:15:08 GMT 2002

Is there a slick way to map user accounts on multiple servers to a
single Samba PDC?

I have my Windows NT user accounts split across two FreeBSD/Samba
servers, call them red and blue, with a Windows NT 4.0 PDC "above."
The Windows User Manager database allows me to specify which server
each user is on, individually. As a user logs on, the Windows PDC
passes their session the location of their home folder and their
roaming folder.  Half of my accounts are home= \\red\username,
profile= \\red\profiles\username. The other half substitute blue for
red. The workstation then connects directly to the designated
server. When logon is complete, there is no connection to the PDC.

My goal is to be 100% Windows Free at the server end. I have set up a
test domain with a FreeBSD/Samba server as the PDC. Are there some
tricks I can use in smb.conf to duplicate this split server design? I
want to avoid something like mapping each user's home folder on the
PDC to a share on red or blue, be it with NFS or SAMBA, due to
security and LAN traffic. That is, I want the connection to go
straight from red or blue to the workstation.

Gary Dunn
Open Slate Project

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