[Samba] How can I get the samba binaries to be linked dynamically?

Dennis Vriezekolk dennisvr at yahoo.com
Tue Feb 26 00:09:04 GMT 2002


This is my first post to the samba mailing list, so I hope I'm doing
this right...

I subsrcibed because I have a question which I couldn't find in the
manuals anywhere. Here's the question:

There is an option to compile libsmbclient.so together with the samba
binaries. However it seems that this library isn't used at all. The
binaries are dynamically linked however. When running ldd on the
binaries libsmbclient.so is not shown in the dependencies list. The
binaries are way to big (smbd 1,5 meg, the other binaries are around
500k). How can I get the binaries to be linked dynamically? (so that
they actualy use the libsmbclient.so)




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