[Samba] Roaming Profiles Poledit

Wolfgang Büch buech at uni-hamburg.de
Mon Feb 25 23:44:02 GMT 2002

You can set the type of Profile by  using the control Panal  system
application to set the type to local.
Anyway this is probably not the main intention in handling profiles:
1. Exclude some files like tmp or temporary internet file
2. Include desktop or personal

Therefore you can use (to exclude) the poledit: double click on the user
in poledit and as far as I remember under "system" (check it out) you will
find the option to exclude files from roaming.

This works well in the combination of NT 4.0 Server and w2k, by creating a
group under poledit to apply the specific options to my users.
As far  as I figured out, groups under poledit don't work with samba
(otherwise give me a hint).

So first create users you want to be admins in poledit and then manipulate
the default user with excluding "tmp" files from being roaming.

In General i think the best is to exclude all type of tmp files and then
map a drive for the personal files and bookmarks and set a quota in poledit
for the rest (in poledit).

Refering to samba you will have the problem of not being able to apply group
options in poledit to the users  (my experience).

Refering to NT 4.0 Server and w2k I found no general solution for creating a
default users profile by manipulating the registry and setting personal
(files) to a mapped drive to apply this settings to all users.

So I changed the registry ( current user/.../windows/shell folders)
to be a mapped drive (r) for personal folders and made a logon script like
"net use r: \\%logonserver%\home\%username%"

To apply this you have to copy the Test User profile to the netlogon share.
and rename it to default.
Now delete as admin all local profiles and roaming profiles on the server
except "admin" and "all users" (and "default user") and the changes will be
there at next login for the other users.


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