[Samba] pam module for ldap/ADS for Solaris 2.8 to communicate with Windows 2000 ADS

Thaung.Nyein at abbott.com Thaung.Nyein at abbott.com
Mon Feb 25 16:12:21 GMT 2002


In the third party software that we bought, which runs on Solaris 2.8 Server,
we use the pam_smb version 1.9.8 to authenticate our users against the NT
Domain. Now,  our company is migrating from NT Domain to Windows 2000 ADS
Domain in native mode.   I saw the documention on SAMBA 3.0 (alpha 1-15), and
it states that SAMBA 3.0 is compatible with ldap/ADS of Windows 2000.   Have
you created a pam module, the counterpart of pam_smb, for
Windows 2000 ADS/ldap ?  If so, where can I find the pam for ldap/ADS ?

Thaung Nyein
Thaung.Nyein at abbott.com

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