[Samba] ELXLinux/easy SAMBA

Ernie Schroder eschroder06478 at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 25 09:52:09 GMT 2002

	Has anyone else here tried out ELXLinux? www.elxlinux.org  The default 
install found all 3 boxes on my home LAN (2 win98 and 1 RHLinux) I entered 
passwords and can browse any shared drive or directory without any further 
configuration (Pretty cool) The distro is pre 1 rc 2 but it is a hell of a 
lot more stable than Mandrake 8.2 beta2 On a par with my RH 7.2 box before 
updates I would say. It's perhaps too cute for many linux purists but if 
you're a relative "newbie" to SAMBA and having headaches it might be worth 
looking at
Regards, Ernie
Guaranteed 100% Microsoft and Intel free

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