[Samba] Will samba work on Linux/486 with heavy swapping?

Max TenEyck Woodbury mtew at cds.duke.edu
Mon Feb 25 08:40:15 GMT 2002

TJ wrote:
>     Is there a known bug that samba has on older machines in low memory
> environments? I have set up a 486 with 24Mb of memory with RedHat 7.1. I set
> it up to run dhcpd, xinetd, and samba. Samba was not run through xinetd. The
> samba server had a tendency to crash the machine if a large upload was sent
> to it.

When you say 'crash the machine' do you mean abort samba or actually cause an
operating system panic?  If you are getting panics, you may need to upgrade
to a more recent version of the kernel. I track linux kernel development on
my home machine and there has been some comments in the change logs about
file system problems being fixed recently. Red Hat's put out at least three
kernel upgrades since the release of 7.1.

I also have a 486 that runs SaMBa (now 2.2.3a) with 32 MB running RH 7.2 with
patches. I did a custom kernel to clean out unused features and make more
memory available. It serves profiles to a small number of Win9x boxes with
roving profiles, so there is quite a bit of upload when the kids log-off. 
I'm not sure that it is as badly stressed as your box is. I can run X on it 
and use xosview to monitor its stress levels (X is pretty stressful by itself!) 
and not had it or SaMBa crash.

mtew at cds.duke.edu

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