[Samba] Will samba work on Linux/486 with heavy swapping?

TJ systemloc at yahoo.com
Sun Feb 24 14:44:02 GMT 2002

I'm very sorry about posting HTML. I know better then that and should have
double checked my defaults. I'm reposting this hoping someone

    Is there a known bug that samba has on older machines in low memory
environments? I have set up a 486 with 24Mb of memory with RedHat 7.1. I set
it up to run dhcpd, xinetd, and samba. Samba was not run through xinetd. The
samba server had a tendency to crash the machine if a large upload was sent
to it. Occasionally, it wouldn't crash, but windows would error and stop
uploading. No problems were ever experienced while downloading from samba.
As RH 7.1 used an old version of samba (2.0.xxx), I upgraded to the latest
available. I also tried it with a newer kernel and various custom kernels. I
still got the same result: samba crashing the machine on heavy uploads. I
later tried using 3com's own driver for my NIC card, as I thought the
kernel's included 3com vortex driver might be at fault. This did not help.
    Recently, I installed an LFS system, book 3.1, and put up dhcp, xinetd,
and samba version 2.2.3a. After getting everything working, I got the same
behavior: system crash on a large upload. This is with a completely
independant install, LFS instead of RH, and I am still getting this error.
    My guesses are that maybe samba doesn't like the extreme low mem
conditions on my box; it uses almost all physical memory at idle, but there
is plentiful swap.
Maybe this is being caused by the drives being too slow, possibly coupled
with the fact that there is heavy swapping. (The old motherboard doesn't do
Maybe this is a misconfigured samba.
Maybe this is not a samba problem. (Although I did do limited use of FTP
under RH and never had a problem).
    I would appreciate any way to narrow down what this might be or any
other ideas what it might be. I've seen another reference in the archives in
2000 of a guy that had a machine that timed out alot, but nothing about his
server crashing. There was no news of how or if it was resolved though. I'd
really like this 486 a samba server. Am I asking too much from old hardware?

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