[Samba] Instalation Samba!! HELP...

Anna aurra at silver.udg.es
Mon Feb 25 03:13:12 GMT 2002

Dear friends,

We have been trying to install the Samba Services and we have downloaded
the rpm package from the CD of Linux.

We believe that the packages are installed now, at least we did that the
instruction says to us.

When we probe the instruction:

smbclient  -U% -L localhost

to see the what the server is offering to the network, it answers to us
the correct thing. I mean, the display show us that the book says.
First, we start the deamons for Samba manually within our directory



./smb start

we suposse that it upload the services smbd and nmbd.

Well, with all this ... when we try to see our pc on the network, as a
samba client, by the file browser of Konqueror , we find with the
sorprise that we can't do this.

The Konqueror answers us:

"Could not connect to host localhost"

in the other hand, we have well configurated our net with de DNS and

We are very confused, becouse we are beginners.

PLEASE!! somebody can help us!!!

Ah!! we have the following status:

Samba  2.2.1a-4
Linux 7.2
Graphics Environment KDE

and the most important thing is that the directory configuration that we
should have for Samba according to the book ... We don't!! We have other
one. May be, is it a problem of Samba version?


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